Celebrating Italy’s 150 years of unity

Italy is celebrating 150 years of unity this week! Today, on the 17th of March it is 150 years since Italy became united as a nation. Let’s celebrate this in style! I have tossed and turned thinking about which performance by the great Pavarotti that would be right for this grand occasion. It came clear that this performance of Pavarotti and Zucchero singing Va pensiero from Verdi’s opera Nabucco was spot on. The video below is from a Pavarotti & Friends concert. Originally a chorus in the opera, Va pensiero has by some been regarded as an anthem for the Italian patriots who were seeking to unify Italy in the 1800’s, and we know now it did happen 150 years ago, in 1861. Over the years Va pensiero has been sung by Italians with great patriotism in and outside of Italy. So here it is, Va pensiero, to celebrate all that is wonderful with this strange country called Italy! This is for pizza, pasta, pane and Pavarotti! This is for italian lemons and italian ice cream, and for limoncello as well! This is for Liguria, Lazio, Roma and Napoli! This is for Sophia Loren, Luigi Lo Cascio, Mina and Milva, and don’t forget Ornella Vanoni! This is for Bellini, Donizetti, Rossini and Puccini! This is for Canaletto, Fellini, Cecilia Bartoli and Roberto Bolle! This is for the fact that Italy returns to the Eurovision Song Contest this year! This is for the beaches and the towns that we haven’t discovered yet. This is for the places we will visit again and again! This is for Italia!