Pavarotti sings royal wedding songs for Prince William & Kate Middleton!


Well … NOT! … really …. But check out the Pavarotti compilation CD “Italian Wedding Favorites” from Decca in the US from 2000. This CD has all the romantic italian songs you’ll ever need for a wedding, royal or not! Pavarotti in glorious voice, as always …

Check also out two Decca wedding compilations which have all the traditional classical wedding music and then some. Big Luciano pops up in both of these two compilations as well, with a song or two, just to put a stamp on it. The two compilations are “The Ultimate Wedding Album” (1 CD, 1997) and “The Essential Wedding Collection” (2 CDs, 2004).

So let’s celebrate in style (or ignore it completely …) the wedding of Prince William & Catherine Middleton on 29th April! And maybe Big Luciano will visit your wedding as well?