Happy new Pavarotti year!

Odd Pavarotti Blog wish you all a happy new year! Looking forward to another year writing about Pavarotti and sharing news an thoughts about the great man! Not just serious stuff as there will be some funny stuff as well! And maybe some lighter provocations this year as well, to … well … provoke a little and to start some debates … Maybe the great Pavarotti debate of 2012 will appear in this blog? Only time will tell!

Who knows what 2012 will bring? Hopefully some new Pavarotti releases on CD and DVD, and hopefully with previously unreleased material! Decca, Deutsche Grammophon and all the others, do you hear me? We really want more Pavarotti releases in 2012, and they better be something to blog about!

For instance, how about a commercial release of Pavarotti in Verdi’s Un Ballo in Maschera from La Scala in 1978 as televised on Italian state television RAI? Watch the clip below, and be convinced that this is Pavarotti at his prime! Listen especially to the second aria which starts at 7:00 on this video. Wonderful! Have a happy new Pavarotti year!



    1. Ciao, Stefano!

      Grazie per il Suo commento! Penso Lei e italiano, vero? Sono norvegese, ma vorrei essere un italiano! Mi piace molto Pavarotti, come Lei! Lui e meraviglioso! Se e sul Facebook, perche no essere un amico dal Odd Pavarotti Blog sul Facebook?

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