Yes! At last! Pavarotti apps for iPad & iPhone!

Yes! At last! This blogger’s demand for Pavarotti apps for iPad has been answered! Two Pavarotti apps for iPad and iPhone have appeared on the iTunes app store! Both are on sale for almost nothing, so there is only one thing to do: Buy!

The first app, The Pavarotti Story, is the app version of the little Pavarotti biography by Guy Cavill, which was published as a book accompanied with a DVD of the Pavarotti Barcelona recital from 1989. It has also been published as a ebook (also as Kindle ebook) (just the biography, not with the DVD). This app version of the book contain the text of the biography. In addition the app contain five video tracks from the Pavarotti Barcelona recital from 1989, 15 Pavarotti audio tracks of arias and songs from the Decca catalogue and various other sources, and some Pavarotti photos. That’s what I call bonus tracks!

The other app, The best of Pavarotti, is a somewhat simpler app, but just as satisfying! This app contain 44 Pavarotti audio tracks of arias and songs from the Decca catalogue for your portable pleasure!

Both apps contain an audio track of the aria Nessun dorma from Puccini’s opera Turandot!

This was great news, wasn’t it? Hopefully there will be even more Pavarotti apps in the future. Our demands have not yet been fully answered! We need some Three Tenors apps as well! Keep the apps coming! Enjoy!



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