Try the Pavarotti principle and enjoy Pavarotti-like greatness

Everybody knows Pavarotti! He was great. Big. Huge. Grande. Grandissimo. As an opera singer, as a man, as an italian, as a citizen of the world. Big singer. Big voice. Big body. Big personality. Big heart. Big career. Big everything. The word big comes up often when Pavarotti is mentioned. Pavarotti’s greatness has in many ways become somewhat of a cultural reference point: Pavarotti can refer to “high quality” as in “He is as good as Pavarotti”, or it can refer to “physically greatness” as in “He is as fat as Pavarotti”. Sometimes Pavarotti is used as synonym for “opera singer” as in “Here comes Pavarotti” instead of just saying “Here comes the opera singer”, or “Here comes someone who think they can sing”.

Since the 1980’s references to Pavarotti have popped up in many films and tv-series, especially in the US. For instance, Raymond, in the US comedy show “Everybody loves Raymond” said to his mother “You are the Pavarotti of pesto!” about his mother’s cooking (season 9). One day this blogger will publish a list of all the films and tv-series that use Pavarotti as a cultural reference. I have counted around 100 (!!!) different films and tv-series so far, and the list keeps growing.

Come to think of this when I read a blog post on how to attract more readers to your blog: Just follow “The Pavarotti principle for creating A-list blogs” in the way you write your blog post, and the readers will come! So now I know why I have so few followers to this blog! I haven’t used the Pavarotti principle for creating A-list blogs! Ironic, isn’t it?