Surprise! Three Tenors app for iPad & iPhone!

In an earlier post this blogger reviewed two Pavarotti apps for iPad & iPhone. That review ended with a demand for some Three Tenors apps at well. Shortly after a Three Tenors app for iPad & iPhone arrived in the App Store! The app, Three Tenors [Pavarotti – Domingo – Carreras], has the same layout as the Pavarotti app The best of Pavarotti. This app has the audio recordings of these four Three Tenors concerts: Rome (1990), Los Angeles (1994), Paris (1998) and Yokohama (2002).

The app description of the Yokohama concert in the App Store is confusing as it’s also listed as the Beijing concert (2001), as is the case on the app itself (see the picture below). It’s confusing also because neither the Yokohama nor the Beijing concert have been issued officially, neither on audio or video. Each concert is in one track, making it difficult to navigate between tracks. Each track of the first three concerts are listed, but they don’t work when you touch them on your iPad!

All this, in addition to the ridiculous low price of the app, makes me think that this app isn’t officially approved. The Chinese origin of this app makes me wonder, too … In the App Store there are several classical music and opera apps with Chinese origin, some with Pavarotti and/or Three Tenors tracks, and many with Chinese signs, making them difficult to understand sometime. I guess one has to be ready for whatever comes when it comes to these apps! The prices are extremely low, so you basically get what you’re paying for.

Conclusion: This Three Tenors app is indeed a surprise, but it doesn’t live up to its potential. It could have been better. I guess this blogger will continue to look for the ultimate Three Tenors app in the future. Our demands have not yet been fully answered! Keep the high quality apps coming! 🙂