Pavarotti on Twitter

I’m trying out this Twitter thing. It’s quite new to me so I haven’t got anything special to say about it yet. Except that Pavarotti is on Twitter as well! 🙂 Well, not really … Some Pavarotti fans and many who tweets about Pavarotti are on Twitter. Many more tweet about Pavarotti and don’t talk about Big Luciano at all! Pavarotti is either used as a metaphor for something completely different and/or as a cultural reference point. Many tweets seem to be referring to the bird Pavarotti in the television series Glee.

For me it’s just so funny to see all the funny and odd tweets that’s written about Pavarotti. Check out the tweets about Pavarotti in realtime here! Enjoy!

And maybe it’s time for you to tweet about the real Big Luciano? I guess there’s always something new to say! 🙂