Giro d’Italia with Pavarotti (7): Bologna & Pesaro

The Giro d’Italia moved on while we stayed behind and enjoyed the italian town of  Modena for several days. It’s now time to try to catch up with the pedaling cyclists of the Giro somewhere in the beautiful italian landscape.

The Giro left Modena on May 10 on its destination that day which were Fano. On that stretch of the Giro the cyclists passed the great cities of Bologna and Pesaro before ending in Fano. Both cities are of course relevant in the life of Pavarotti as Big Luciano performed in both cities. Pavarotti’s summer residence were also at the sea front in Pesaro. See the lovely picture below of Pavarotti in his hammock in Pesaro!

So by now you’ll know the drill: The first video is from Bologna where Pavarotti sings (audio only) the aria “Favorita del re! … Spirto gentil” from Donizetti’s opera “La Favorita” in Bologna Teatro Comunale (the Bologna opera house) on January 8, 1974. Wonderful!

The second video is from Pesaro were Pavarotti sings the aria “E la solita storia del pastore” from Cilea’s opera “L’Arlesiana” in an outdoor concert on August 15, 1986. Classic!

After these two short stops along the way it’s once again time for us to move on. Tomorrow we’ll really try to catch up with the cyclist somewhere along the way in Bella Italia! So once again the message is quite clear: See you all on the roads of Italy tomorrow! Big Luciano and Odd Pavarotti will be there, as always!