Giro d’Italia with Pavarotti (11): Genova Teatro Carlo Felice

Well, well, you pedaling cyclist interested people with Pavarotti on you iPod device! The Giro d’Italia headed into the Liguria region today. The stretch of the day started in the regional city of Savona and ended in the town of Cervere in the Piedmont region (or Piemonte, as the italians say).

However, today we’ll pay tribute to the great city of Genoa (or as the italians say; Genova) which is the capital of Liguria. Pavarotti performed here in Puccini’s opera “La Bohème” in April 1969 together with Teatro Comunale «Carlo Felice» di Genova Orchestra. This performance took place at the Teatro Margherita di Genova which is the opera’s old location before 1991. This performance was available on Melodram CDs, but a single highlight CD is probably still available on the Gala label.

Below is some pictures of the present Teatro Carlo Felice which I took on a visit there in March 2011.

More from Genova in Bella Italia in tomorrow’s post! Big Luciano and Odd Pavarotti will return faster than you’re able to make Pasta alla Genovese!