Odd Pavarotti Blog is now on Twitter!

Odd Pavarotti has realised we live in a world with many platforms and channels. On behalf of Big Luciano and Pavarotti the bird, Odd Pavarotti is now preaching odd things on Twitter as well! Here Odd Pavarotti twitters away on the most important matters, such as Pavarotti, Italy, lemons, music and life in general.

All tweets are of course odd tweets, and the retweets are also as lemon juice in your eyes. Odd Pavarotti mostly writes in English, but sometimes in Italian, German or Norwegian as well.

So take a look on Odd Pavarotti’s latest odd tweets on the right side of the screen on this blog or go directly to Odd Pavarotti’s Twitter page. And if you like what your read, you might want to become a follower? 🙂