Giro d’Italia with Pavarotti (14): Milano mystery

The Giro d’Italia had one of its resting days today. Odd Pavarotti had to tell Big Luciano that he had to abort their italian pedaling extravaganza for the rest of the Giro as he’s been called for scientific and scholastic duties in York.

Big Luciano remembered vividly his many times in the great city of New York with cheese cakes in his eyes. Odd Pavarotti had to stress that he wasn’t talking about the Big Apple or apple strudel, but the great city of Old York. Big Luciano got the picture, finally.

Odd Pavarotti and Big Luciano decided to meet in Milan, or Milano as it’s known around here, on Monday 28th of May to summarize the Giro of 2012. As the Giro ends in Milan on Sunday 27th of May they both figured that to meet the next day in Milan to talk about it was a good idea.

After Odd Pavarotti left for York, Big Luciano decided to travel directly to Milan to prepare for the last days of the Giro, and to visit some well-known places in this great city of Lombardy, or Lombardia as we italians like to say.

But before they parted, Big Luciano showed Odd Pavarotti a picture of a woman and asked: What’s her name?, What’s her connection to the Giro, and; What’s her connection to Pavarotti?

Odd Pavarotti of course knew all the answers right away, but decided to tell Big Luciano when they met in Milan the following Monday. Maybe you know the answers as well?

Anyway, next blog post from the Giro in Bella Italia will follow on Monday 28th of May! Then Big Luciano and Odd Pavarotti will present some Milan centred blog posts to end this great ride thru the italian landscape known as Giro d’Italia!

They just can’t wait, and so can’t you! 🙂