Giro d’Italia with Pavarotti (16): Milano Don Carlo

The Giro d’Italia of 2012 is over a long time ago. The Giro ended in Milan, or Milano as it’s known by us italians, on Sunday 27th of May. Big Luciano and Odd Pavarotti met the next day in Milan to summarize the Giro of 2012, but instead of doing that they enjoyed the joys of Milano big time, and for days.

Anyhow, suddenly Big Luciano and Odd Pavarotti decided to get finished with the Giro, as they have lots of other things to investigate.

“The Euro 2012 started today!”, Big Luciano said.

“Yeah, that will keep us occupied”, Odd Pavarotti responded.

Big Luciano wasn’t sure if Odd Pavarotti was being sarcastic or just ironic.

So lets focus on Pavarotti in Milano! Milano is of course one of the opera capitals in the world. Teatro alla Scala, or just La Scala, is the world-renowned opera house in Milano. You’re nothing in italian opera if you haven’t sung there. It’s the most important opera house in Italy, and one of the most important in the world of opera.

Today’s Milano related Pavarotti videos are from the last opera Pavarotti did at La Scala. It’s from Verdi’s opera Don Carlo in December 1992. As you know Don Carlo is the italian version of Verdi’s french opera Don Carlos. This production was recorded live and exists on EMI Classics CDs and  DVD. The two videos below is the start of the opera (and the rest is out there on YouTube!). Glorious singing by Pavarotti  here, is spite of his age!

More Pavarotti in Milano to come! Watch this space as Big Luciano and Odd Pavarotti returns with another Milan centred blog post to mark the end of Giro d’Italia 2012!




    1. Thanks!

      Don Carlo in Berlin in Oktober and November this year at Staatsoper Unter den Linden im Schiller Theater will feature René Pape as Philipp II. and the italian tenor Fabio Sartori as Don Carlo (the role that Pavarotti sang at La Scala).

      Fabio Sartori is indeed the new italian tenor of today, or “The new Pavarotti” if you will! We did see this production of Don Carlo at the Staatsoper with both Pape and Sartori in May 2011, and it was wonderful! Will never forget it! Highly recommended! Looking forward to see it again in November!

      1. PS! Look out for future blog posts on “the new Pavarottis”, like Fabio Sartori and all the other new italian tenors! 🙂

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