Pavarotti and football (2): You’ll Never Walk Alone!

Football fans sing. Before matches. During matches. After matches. When they meet fans from another football team. When they drink beer. In the shower. I think you got it now. They are quite like opera fans!

One of the classic football songs is You’ll Never Walk Alone from the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Carousel from 1945. The song has become a football club song around the world, a tradition that began in the early 1960’s at Liverpool Football Club in England. Later this tradition spread to several other football clubs. This song is performed by a mass chorus of football fans on the day of the match, or at any other day or occasion where it’s relevant to burst out this song.

But why do football fans sing? To boost morale before and during the matches, I guess. To emphasise community and friendships, also, I guess.

The Three Tenors sang “You’ll Never Walk Alone” at The Three Tenors concert in Paris, France in 1998. This was their third World Cup concert, a tradition that started at the World Cup in Rome, Italy in 1990. The concert was also televised all over the world, in many cases live.

Before the Paris concert The Three Tenors went into a recording studio to record the song. It was issued on a CD single on Decca before the concert, I guess to promote it. The whole Three Tenors Paris concert was issued on Decca CD, VHS, and later on DVD.

So here they are, The Three Tenors reinterpreting or destroying a football song classic! First is the promotional video for the CD single, then live in Paris in 1998. Bonus: The Three Tenors sings the song live in Seoul and Beijing in 2001 (neither one commercially available).

So, sing along! After singing along with these four videos you’ll get the hang of it!

And if you ever wonder, it’s true: You’ll Never Walk Alone! The Three Tenors will always be there!

And what ever happens you could always return to Odd Pavarotti Blog! 🙂