Pavarotti and football (3): The Italian football job!

The quarter-finals in Euro 2012, or the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, are all over and done with. England is out and Italy is still in the game! Two countries, two different histories of football, and two different approaches to the game.

This blogger doesn’t claim to know anything about this or that, but in the name of Pavarotti the Italian football fan, we’ll have to find out more about it this summer. In order to find out more about the differences between English football and Italian football we all should read these two books this summer:

The first book on our summer reading list is Calcio: A History of Italian Football (american title: Winning at All Costs: A Scandalous History of Italian Soccer) by the British historian John Foot who has modern Italian history as his speciality. John Foot is on Twitter where he tweets on Italy, sport and politics, among other things.

The second book for the beach this summer is: The Italian Job: A journey to the heart of two great footballing cultures by Gianluca Valli and Gabriele Marcotti. The book compares, yes, you guessed it, English and Italian football. If this book can’t help us no book can!

So, here is your chance to know more about Italian football, an important part of Italian culture. And you’ll learn something about English football as well!

So let’s celebrate the joys of Italian (and English!) football with the The Three Tenors singing “O Sole Mio” in their second World Cup concert in Los Angeles in 1994 (available on CD and DVD). This concert was also broadcasted on TV all around the world, in many countries live.

For some odd reason “O Sole Mio” is a football song as well, at least for some! Whatever makes the ball running!