Giro d’Italia with Pavarotti (20): Postscript (2): Ready for Tour de France?

The Giro d’Italia of 2012 is over and done with a very long time ago! Now it’s time to prepare for Le Tour de France 2012!

You probably do know that The Tour is the french parallel to The Giro, as the cyclists pedal around in France and not in Italy! The Tour is even more famous and even more prestigious to take part in than The Giro, they say. Well, that’s a matter of opinion! 😉

After talking to Big Luciano and Pavarotti the bird, Odd Pavarotti has decided not to follow the pedaling cyclist around France with The Tour as one did in Italy with The Giro. As Pavarotti mostly performed in Paris and not so many other places in France, it would have been a short blog post series anyway!

So this is how we will do it: In this last Giro postscript we will mark the start of The Tour on Saturday 30th June 2012 with this Paris related molto grande Pavarotti extravaganza blog post celebration! Here we go!

Today’s picture shows Pavarotti in concert in Paris on 17th May, 2005. I guess this was his last performance in Paris as part of his Farewell Tour.

The first video is Pavarotti singing the song “Vaga luna” by Vincenzo Bellini in Paris in 1985, accompanied on piano by John Wustman.

The second video is an interview from French television from 1988. The reporter speaks french and Pavarotti speaks italian! Some clips with Pavarotti singing.

The third video is a short television news clip about the open-air concert Pavarotti held on September 2, 1993, at the Champ de Mars in Paris, the same venue as The Three Tenors concert in 1998. The 1993 concert was broadcast on television with the title Pavarotti in Paris, and it was also issued at least twice on CD (Not so easy to get hold of! I bought both of mine in Italy!).

I saw this concert on tv in the mid 1990’s and I remember that Pavarotti wasn’t in his best form that day. Maybe that’s why this concert isn’t issued worldwide on audio or video. In fact, it’s not issued on video at all.

The fourth video is The Three Tenors singing a medley of songs, among them the french song “Sous le Ciel de Paris”. This performance is from The Three Tenors concert at the World Cup in 1998 in Paris (issued on Decca CD, VHS, and later on DVD).

The fifth video is just for fun! But it’s from Paris! 😉

So there you have it! Pavarotti in Paris to mark the Le Tour de France 2012! Hope you all now are ready for Tour de France like you never have been before!

But after 20 (!) blog posts it’s now definitively over! No more blog posts on The Giro or The Tour! No blog post containing pedaling cyclist, well at least until next year!

The great team of the Giro, Big Luciano and Odd Pavarotti, together with our occasional assistant Pavarotti the bird, wish you well as we all pedal away together into the sunset. Look! We’re like three tenors on bicycles! Yes, we are. And, no, we aren’t! 😉

But don’t despair! Look out for more blog posts on Pavarotti and football!  Euro 2012 isn’t over yet! And Italy is still in the game! 🙂