Pavarotti and football (4): We need more football songs!

The Euro 2012, or the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, is reaching its climax. Will it be Italy this time or will Spain go home with the victory in the final later today?

To mark this Euro 2012 final we need more football songs! Decca is out with a compilation disc of football songs for this great occasion, with the simple title: Football 2012 (Decca, 1 CD, 2012, also on download and streaming).

This CD has The Three Tenors singing “O sole mio” and Pavarotti singing “Volare” and of course “Nessun dorma!” from Puccini’s opera Turandot, in addition to 15 other tunes, both songs and instrumental pieces, with various artists.

I’m not sure if all tunes featured here are favorite football tunes among the fans, but I love the concept of the album: Pompous, glorious, over the top tunes to belt out or sing along to whilst being occupied with the greatest game in the world!

As I’ve said before: Whatever makes the ball running! 😉

So good luck to all in the final! Enjoy the game! Here is Pavarotti singing “Nessun dorma!” from a Pavarotti Plus concert in New York in 1989.

Have a great summer! Odd Pavarotti returns!



  1. Hi from The Soccer Sphere! I’ve enjoyed the articles on Pavarotti and football and am wondering whether you’d like to write a guest article for The Soccer Sphere on the subject?

    Let me know it would be great to have an outside contribution.

    1. Hi from Odd Pavarotti Blog! I would be delighted to write an guest article on Pavarotti and football for your blog! What about an article which mainly has new stuff on the subject but also includes some old stuff from my four posts on my blog?

      I’ve got lots to do these days so I’ll need one or two weeks before it’s ready. I’ll send you an e-mail!

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