2011 Norway attacks remembered

A year has passed since the two terrible sequential terrorist attacks in Norway on 22nd of July 2011 that killed 77 persons. I haven’t really got anything of importance to add to what’s been said before. I tried to put something in writing on this blog one year ago, but wasn’t able to. It was simply impossible.

You come to a point were there’s no words left. It’s all been said before, and even better by others. There’s no use saying anything more. The important thing is to remember those who died and to honour their legacy. To never let this happen again. To anybody.

Sometimes music can heal, comfort or help in situations like this, even one year after it happened. I’ve chosen the same two arias as I did in my blog post one year ago (but other performances), simply because I haven’t found anyone better.

The terrible facts remain: 77 lives are gone forever, mostly young people. That’s so hard to comprehend, even one year later.