Odd Pavarotti is doing odd jobs during the Olympics

This blogger, yours truly Odd Pavarotti, will not follow this thing that’s going on in London this summer called the The London 2012 Summer Olympics, or just London 2012. Odd Pavarotti will instead be working to improve this little blog of his.

This blogger feels that some changes are needed. So during the rest of the summer you’ll see that this blog is changing gradually. My aim is to:

  • Clean up categories and tags (It’s a mess, but I think I got it now!)
  • Edit various features on the right side of the blog (It’s too much!)
  • Create a separate link page for the links on the right side of the blog
  • Update blog posts (Update links, check for spelling errors and other errors)
  • Publicise old blog post on the Facebook page and my Twitter account
  • Other changes that I’m not aware of at the moment! (You’ll never know!)

But fear not! There will be some new blog posts during this cleanup period! So be sure to check in regularly!

So, Odd Pavarotti hopes for your understanding during the great summer cleanup of 2012. Hopefully it will be better when it’s over!

So, enjoy London 2012, while I’m working for you, my readers!

To ease you into this cleanup period I give you all Pavarotti singing “E lucevan le stelle” (from Puccini’s opera Tosca) from his famous concert in London’s Hyde Park in 1991. And as you know by now: This concert is available on Decca CD and DVD.