Pavarotti in Berlin (3): Great solo concert at the Waldbühne

On the 29th July, 1989, Pavarotti sang a great solo concert in Berlin. The venue was the Berliner Waldbühne, a great outdoor concert arena in West Berlin. The Berliner Waldbühne, or the Forest Theatre, is situated close to Berlin’s Olympic Stadium, and is often used as an arena for classical and operatic concerts during the summer.

I haven’t found much information about this concert, except for a very good website by a German man with the name of Rolf Krekeler. See his report from this concert here! His site is actually very good because it includes lots of pictures and newspaper articles (in German). Grazie, Rolf! 🙂

I haven’t found any video clips from this concert online. This concert was one of the Tibor Rudas concerts so one might expect that this concert was taped by the Tibor Rudas organization or a television company. If we’re lucky some video clips from this concert will hopefully appear some day. Wouldn’t that be just wonderful? 😉

Imagine this: Pavarotti in his prime in an outdoor concert in July 1989 in the western part of the divided city of Berlin.

Imagine also this: Just some months later: The divided city of Berlin was no longer divided. The Berlin Wall was open and would later be teared down.

The dramatic events of the autumn of 1989, not only in Berlin, but all over Eastern Europe, changed not only Berlin and Eastern Europe, but indeed the rest of Europe as well. Europe had to be understood in a new way.

A wise man once said that if one really wants to understand Europe one must absolutely visit Berlin. And that’s what we keep doing! Over and over again! And some day we’ll be at a concert at the Berliner Waldbühne as well! 🙂

More blog post on Pavarotti in Berlin to come, but geopolitical matters will be off the table from now on!