The Pavarotti connection to the London 2012 Olympic Games

London 2012, or the The London 2012 Summer Olympics, is over. A triumph for these lovely Brits, of course!

No tenor sang Nessun dorma!” at the opening ceremony or the closing ceremony! In my humble opinion no opening or closing ceremony of this scale is perfect before a tenor pops up and sings ”Nessun dorma!”. It would have been so cool! Too much to ask for? I guess so!

We had to sing it ourselves: Vincerò! Vincerò!

Let’s hope for the best at the next grand occasion!

I predicted in my Olympic blog post that either the Welsh bass-baritone Bryn Terfel and/or the Maltese tenor Joseph Calleja were to sing at the opening ceremony. That didn’t happen either!

But there were some classical music in both the opening and closing ceremony, such as some Handel in the opening ceremony.

Well, you might ask, is there any connection at all between Pavarotti and the London 2012 Olympic ceremonies?

I’m so glad you asked this question! Because the answer is yes!

In the opening ceremony, the conductor Daniel Barenboim was one of the persons who carried the Olympic flag into the stadium. Daniel Barenboim was the conductor of Pavarotti’s performances in Verdi’s opera Aida at the Deutsche Oper Berlin (German Opera Berlin) in March 1982.

In the closing ceremony the British pop group Spice Girls performed. The Spice Girls performed the song Viva Forever together with Pavarotti in his Pavarotti & Friends concert in 1998.

The British rock band Queen also performed at the closing ceremony. Brian May performed the song Too Much Love Will Kill You at the first Pavarotti & friends concert in 1992, and at the 2003 concert Pavarotti sang the same song together with Queen.

The Pavarotti & friends concert of 1992 (with Brian May), and the concert of 1998 (with Spice Girls) are available on Decca CD and DVD. The 2003 concert (with Queen) is yet to be released. All Pavarotti & friends concerts were broadcast on TV.

And that was all from the Olympics for now! It’s time to move on! 🙂