Pavarotti summer opera

It’ summer! Still! The weather might not look a lot like summer where you are, but that summer feeling is hopefully there!

Some opera stories play out their drama in a specific season, but for some operas the season isn’t specified or isn’t relevant for the story of the opera.

The opera L’elisir d’amore by Donizetti is for me the ultimate summer opera. I don’t know if that’s correct, but this opera gives me a summer feeling. The drama is light and funny, and all productions I’ve seen have looked like it’s summer. Or is it just because the drama takes place in a small Italian village that I therefore so easy conclude it’s summer?

Never mind! L’elisir d’amore reminds me of summer and is therefore a summer opera for me! Basta!

L’elisir d’amore is for me also the ultimate Pavarotti summer opera. The role of Nemorino was one of Pavarotti’s favorite roles, a role he also sang in the last stage of his operatic career.

Pavarotti in L’elisir d’amore is well represented on record. There are two audio and two video recordings available, in addition to several unofficial recordings. More about Pavarotti in L’elisir d’amore on record in another blog post.

Here are two videos from the two official video recordings. Both are from The Metropolitan Opera in New York, the first from 1981 and the second from 1991. Both operas were broadcast on TV.

This is my favorite Nemorino aria followed by my favorite Nemorino duet!

Enjoy Pavarotti’s Nemorino and enjoy what’s left of the summer!