Pavarotti in commercials

Pavarotti’s recordings have often been used in commercials. Here are two recent examples of TV ads from Italy.

The first is a commercial for Poltronesofà, an Italian sofa brand. The second commercial is for Nutella, an Italian chocolate hazelnut spread.

This is just two examples of Pavarotti’s commercial appeal, which is still quite strong, almost five years after his death. This also shows Pavarotti strengths as a cultural reference point: Everybody knows Pavarotti. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with Pavarotti in one of your commercials!

Extra bonus: Fake commercial for Norway’s most favorite spread, especially for children: Leverpostei (Liver Pâté)! Would you buy one of these if the box looked like this, even if it contains liver?

Anyway, lay back on your sofa and spread your chocolate where you want it! Do you recognize which songs Pavarotti sings in these two commercials?