Pavarotti Plus x 3 Tosca

Pavarotti sang in several concerts at Avery Fisher Hall at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York with the title Pavarotti Plus. Pavarotti sang solo and duets with many of his operatic colleagues. These concerts were also broadcasted on TV. None of these concerts have been issued on DVD, at least not officially.

Here are three duets from the Pavarotti Plus concerts, all from the Puccini opera Tosca. Pavarotti sings together with Shirley Verrett in the first video from 1989 and with Leona Mitchell in the following two videos from 1990.

After seeing the last video with Pavarotti and Leona Mitchell in the last scene of Tosca I just have to say: Dammm, she’s good!

Pavarotti recorded and performed in Tosca many times in his career, and Tosca became the last opera he sang on the opera stage.

More gems from the Pavarotti Plus concerts and Pavarotti in Tosca in later posts! There’s so much to look forward to! 🙂