Odd Pavarotti salutes young and passionate opera bloggers!

Blogging is fun! Writing a blog about your passion is fun and fulfilling. Reading other blogs about your passion is even more fun and fulfilling. One of my passions is opera so blogs about opera is one of my hangups.

There are many opera blogs out there. So many I’ve lost count. Having a total overview is of course almost impossible, so the blogs you do know might be a random bunch of what’s out there.

I’m happy to see that there are many young bloggers out there blogging about opera. I’m happy to follow three of these young opera bloggers:

Opera Teen (also on Twitter)

Non Piu Di Fiori (also on Twitter)

Il Dolce Suono (also on Facebook)

As you’ll see when you visit their blogs, these bloggers are really young! Like teenagers! Makes you think the operatic future is bright!

Yes, they are indeed young, but they are also passionate, and they know what they are writing about! I’ve learned a lot from following them and they have inspired my writings for this blog! That’s the beauty of being member of the blogging community!

I’ve wanted to write this tribute to young opera bloggers for some time now, but Opera Teen’s latest blog post finally got me started. If you follow the link in this post you’ll find an interview with this young opera blogger. His name is Harry Rose and he’s 14 years old! Wow! I’m so impressed, Harry Rose! You’re a really talented blogger and you know opera! Bravo, Harry Rose! 🙂

Many opera bloggers are also on Twitter and Facebook (or other social media) in order to promote their blogs or to use it as a forum to discuss opera, for which Twitter is perfect.

Odd Pavarotti recommends that you take a look at these blogs and follow them in every way possible. You’ll enjoy their passion, their views on opera and their knowledge about opera! You might learn something as well. I know I have!

To salute all the young and passionate opera bloggers (and all other opera bloggers as well), I give you Pavarotti singing Di rigori armato il seno from the Richard Strauss opera Der Rosenkavalier.

I feel a blog post about Der Rosenkavalier coming up! See how you inspire me, you young opera bloggers out there? Keep up the good work! 🙂



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