Pavarotti in Poland (part 2)

Some time ago I wrote about a Pavarotti concert in Poland. Pavarotti performed in Poland at least one time in his career.

As I wrote in my blog post, at one time Pavarotti performed in concert at The Palace of Culture and Science in the capital Warsaw. I wasn’t sure of the date, but I believed that this was sometime during the late 1980′s or early 1990′s.

With a little help of YouTube and online translation I can now show that this concert was held in 1995, on 4 October 1995 to be exact. It was held in The Congress Hall (Sala Kongresowa) of The Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw.

And if you want to know: The Polish word for October is “października”.

Below is the YouTube video to prove it: A news clip from Polish tv which includes interviews and bit of Pavarotti singing at this concert.

Added bonus: Magazine commercial on Polish tv from 1997! And look: You could buy a magazine with a covermount Pavarotti CD! Run and buy!

And there’s more: Meet Wojtek, the Pavarotti from Poland! 🙂

And guess what! There’s a Pizzeria Pavarotti in Warsaw a well! 🙂

Well, that’s all that’s Pavarotti related in Warsaw for now!

 You all have a good Pavarotti related week, in particular all Polish Pavarotti fans in Poland and all over the world! 🙂





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