Happy 77th birthday, Pavarotti!

Today, on 12th October 2012, would have been Pavarotti’s 77th birthday. It’s so sad that he his no longer with us, but let’s remember the great man with music!

The 199th birthday of the great Italian opera composer Giuseppe Verdi was only two days ago. Let’s therefore celebrate Pavarotti’s 77th birthday with Pavarotti in Verdi.

Pavarotti as Radamès in the Verdi opera Aida is a great example of Pavarotti as one of the best Verdi tenors of all time.

In 1986 Pavarotti sang in Aida at La Scala in Milano. This production was conducted by Lorin Maazel. An official video of this production is available on DVD. This production was also broadcasted on TV.

Pavarotti also recorded Aida in 1985-86 with the La Scala orchestra and chorus, and with almost exactly the same cast as the La Scala production. This recording is available on Decca CD. download and streaming.

In the video below Pavarotti sings the aria Celeste Aida, in glorious voice of course, from the 1986 La Scala production. It’s simply wonderful!

I’ve also added a picture of Pavarotti receiving ovations from the La Scala audience after a performance in this 1986 production. Then I messed around with my iPad and made another two odd versions of the same picture.

What an odd way to celebrate Pavarotti’s 77th birthday! Enjoy! 🙂

Grazie, Luciano! Risposi in pace!

Happy 77th birthday, Luciano!

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      1. Most definitely a pleasure. He is my favorite singer of all time! You may have noticed that. 🙂

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