Christmas with Pavarotti: The Neapolitan song “Santa Lucia”

Today is Saint Lucy’s Day which is always celebrated on the 13th of December. Saint Lucy’s Day is a Christian celebration of the Italian Saint Lucy, or Santa Lucia in Italian. This day is not celebrated in all Christian countries and the celebrations differ among countries that do celebrate them.

In Norway and the other Scandinavian countries this day is celebrated with a procession of children singing and holding a candle. These processions take normally place in kindergartens and schools, and many parents come to visit to see their children’s processions. Today’s celebrations are mostly secular and is often viewed upon as part of the Christmas celebrations.

And what song do the children sing in their Saint Lucy processions? Often the traditional Neapolitan song “Santa Lucia“!

To summarize: An Neapolitan song about an Italian saint which in some countries is part of the celebration of Christmas? Confused? Read the links above to learn more! Or visit Scandinavia!

This was just a brief introduction to the video of Pavarotti singing the song “Santa Lucia”. This performance is from the his only movie Yes, Giorgio from 1982.

This song is featured on the Yes, Giorgio soundtrack album (previously available on Decca CD and LP) and on various Pavarotti Decca compilations such as the 2 CD compilation “Pavarotti Forever”.

Looking forward to Christmas? Strangely I do too! Odd isn’t it?



This post was originally published 13-12-2012 local Norwegian time (14-12-2012 “WordPress time”). Last revision 13-12-2012.