Christmas with Pavarotti: Singing “Panis Angelicus” together with his father

Pavarotti’s father was also a tenor. Fernando Pavarotti was a talented tenor, but didn’t make a professional career out of his singing. However, he occasionally sang in public in Modena with a local choir and sometimes with his great son Luciano.

The first video is of Fernando and Luciano singing “Panis Angelicus” in the Modena cathedral in 1978. It is taken from the BBC TV documentary “A life in seven arias” which is also available on Decca DVD.

The second video is the entire chapter in this documentary entitled “Panis Angelicus”. It tells more about Pavarotti’s childhood and musical background in which his father was an important figure.

Hopefully this will set you in a good Christmas mood! Merry Christmas!



This post was originally published 14-12-2012. Last revision 14-12-2012. Thanks to Annette for the idea for this blog post!