Christmas with Pavarotti: Compilations on Decca

Christmas is here and there’s absolutely no Christmas without Pavarotti! However, even the most ardent Pavarotti fan appreciates Christmas songs sung by other than Pavarotti himself, at least now and then!

So in the spirit of even more Christmas music: Here is just a sample of some Christmas compilations featuring Pavarotti and various other classical artists! All compilations are issued on the Decca label.

All compilations includes only Pavarotti tracks from his Decca Christmas album O Holy Night, so there’s nothing new here for Pavarotti fans. These album should be obtained because of all the other Decca and Deutsche Grammophon artists that are included.

The Three Tenors At Christmas (2008) is a single CD collection of Christmas songs sung individually by all The Three Tenors. This is of course a must have!


101 Christmas (2012) is a 6 CDs collection of Christmas songs, choral and instrumental works by various artists. This one looks like it got all the classical Christmas music you’ll ever need!


Christmas Voices (2009) is a very good 2 CDs compilation of Christmas songs by various well-known artists. If you only want a small Christmas compilation this one will certainly do.


Christmas Adagios (2001) is a 2 CDs Christmas compilation that is somewhat different. It has lots of beautiful Christmas  songs, choral and instrumental works by various artists that are, well kind of adagio … Highly recommended!


Ave Maria: A Sacred Christmas (1995) is one single CD compilation which is worth mentioning. This compilations contains, as the title suggests, beautiful religious Christmas songs and instrumental works by various artists.


All the compilations above are available on CD, download and streaming, but the last compilation might be very hard to find in the CD format.

Many more Christmas compilations from Decca are to be found, either on CD, download or streaming, but some compilations might be hard to find in the CD format. Look and you shall find!

On the second and fourth Christmas compilation mentioned above one of the featured Pavarotti tracks is “Mille cherubini in coro”. What a beautiful Christmas song!

I wish you all a merry Christmas! Thank you so much for visiting Odd Pavarotti Blog! 🙂

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