Christmas with The Three Tenors: Christmas TV special

Christmas is not far away, so let’s once again celebrate Christmas with The Three Tenors!

In the early 1980’s I remember a Christmas TV special from the US. The setting was one of the SOS Children’s Villages in Austria (I think). It was winter and everybody were preparing for Christmas! But wait! It was more than that!

In this beautiful landscape wrapped in snow one by one they appeared and sang their Christmas songs; Mirella Freni, Katia Ricciarelli, Edita Gruberova, Nicolai Ghiaurov, Kurt Rydl, The Vienna Boys Choir and many more! What a wonderful program!

Of course The Three Tenors weren’t invented yet, but they were all there singing their Christmas songs: Carreras! Domingo! And of course Pavarotti!

For many years of my youth watching this programme was my best Christmas ritual! Then one Christmas they suddenly stopped broadcasting it!

The name of this Christmas TV special was (if my source is right) “A Christmas Celebration: Send Round the Song” and is now available on DVD with this title and other titles.

If you get a hand of this programme on DVD it’s highly recommended!

The great Luciano sang “Gesu Bambino” in this TV special. See the first video below. And there’s even more: In the second video the great Domingo sings “Silent night” followed by all the stars wishing everybody a Merry Christmas! Watch it and weep!



This post was originally published 14-12-2012. Last revision 14-12-2012.