I don’t love you anymore! Or how to believe in love after love with Tosti and Pavarotti

Fallen out of love? Is your heart broken into an unknown number of pieces? Been dumped? Did it just not work out the way you planned? Was it just impossible to fall in love, what ever you did? Is it over before it even began?

If that’s how you feel, I feel with you! It’s time to drown yourself in whatever the emotions and thoughts that are spinning around in your mind and body. Take as much time as you need!

In order to help you in your struggles I give you Pavarotti singing a wonderful song from the Italian composer Tosti called “Non t’amo più“, which simply translates into something like “I don’t love you anymore“.

The title of the song says it all, but the lyrics are simply wonderful and will take you thru whatever you are dealing with in the love department (and that’s my money back guarantee!).


It might be that you’ll have to play this song over and over for a while before it has any effect, but it will indeed help you! So here are two videos with Pavarotti singing this song, both with piano accompaniment.

The first video is from the tv documentary “Pavarotti and the Italian tenor” which also includes an introduction to the song. This tv documentary is available on Decca DVD. The second video (audio only) is from a recital at Carnegie Hall in New York in 1973.

And after a while you’ll be strong enough to believe in love after love … with a little help of Tosti and Pavarotti.

Do you still remember the day we met?

Do you still remember your promises?

Madly in love I followed you

My dream of love is no longer you

I don’t long for your kisses

I don’t think of you

I dream of another ideal

I love you no more

I love you no more


This post was originally published 17-01-2013. Last revision 18-01-2013.