Pavarotti sings Tosti’s song “Non t’amo più“ on record

The more I listen to Pavarotti when he sings the wonderful song “Non t’amo più“ by the Italian composer Tosti, the more beautiful it gets.

There are two official audio recordings of Pavarotti singing “Non t’amo più“, one with orchestra and one with piano accompaniment.

The first Pavarotti recording of this song is on the studio album “Pavarotti in concert” with Richard Bonynge conducting the Orchestra del Teatro Comunale di Bologna. This album was recorded in 1973, originally issued on Decca LP in 1975, and is today available on Decca CD, download and streaming.

This Pavarotti recording of “Non t’amo più“ is also available on several Pavarotti compilation CDs.


The second Pavarotti recording of this song is on the live album “Live Recital” (also known as “40th Anniversary“). On this album Pavarotti sings the song accompanied by Leone Magiera on piano. This album was recorded live in several European cities between 1997 and 1999, and was originally issued on Decca CD in 2001, and is also available on Decca download and streaming.


At least one more live version of this song sung with piano accompaniment is available on several unofficial Pavarotti recital CDs. It might be the version on the video below (audio only), which is from a Pavarotti recital at Deutsche Oper Berlin on 15th May 1983 accompanied on piano by John Wustman.

Still hurting inside? Listen and weep a bit more! Then it’s time to move on!

This post was originally published 18-01-2013. Last revision 18-01-2013.