President Obama, Juan Diego Flórez, The Three Tenors and Beyoncé (who did a Pavarotti)

The second inauguration of US president Barack Obama took place in the White House on Sunday, January 20, 2013.

As part of the celebrations a gala was held the same day at The Kennedy Center in Washington D. C. called Latino Inaugural 2013 where many Latin-American artists celebrated the re-election victory of president Obama.


One of these artist was Juan Diego Flórez, a well-established tenor from Peru, by many labelled as Pavarotti’s heir. Anyway, his tenor qualities makes him one of the new tenors to watch, at least in the Italian repertoire. At this gala Flórez sang the wonderful Spanish song Amapola.

You know where I’m heading with this, right? Of course The Three Tenors sang “Amapola” in their concerts as well! They sang this song for the first time at their Rome concert in 1990.

Then and later this song was performed as part of one of their great medley of songs. So here are The Three Tenors again singing “Amapola” from their concert in Munich in 1996.

Well, back to the second inauguration of US president Barack Obama. On Monday, January 21, 2013 a public ceremony took place at the Capitol building to mark the occasion.

At that ceremony the great US pop star Beyoncé sang the national anthem. Well, at the last-minute she decided to lip-sync to a pre-recorded version, or didn’t she? The debate goes on!

In a comment Norman Lebrecht wrote on his blogOh, no! Beyonce did a Pavarotti for the Prez Double LOL! 🙂

Read and learn from the Maestro himself: Of course, “to do a Pavarotti” refers to when Pavarotti was lip-syncing his first Pavarotti & friends concert in 1992 and his last performance at the Torino (Turin) winter Olympics in 2006.

Ready to do a Pavarotti? Now is your moment! 🙂

This post was originally published 23-01-2013. Last revision 23-01-2013.