Mamma mia! Happy Mother’s Day with the help of Pavarotti!

Happy Mother’s Day! Mamma mia! Is it Mother’s Day already?, you might ask. Yes, in fact it is! In time of writing it’s Mother’s Day here in Norway. The second Sunday of February is when we in Norway celebrate Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day of course celebrates mothers and motherhood, but it’s celebrated on various days depending on country. Anyway, wherever you are in the world and when ever you read this, let’s celebrate mothers and motherhood with a little help of Pavarotti!


As you might know the Italian word for “mummy” is “mamma”, so of course the Pavarotti song of the day is the Italian popular song Mamma by the Italian composer Cesare Andrea Bixio. This song has over the years been sung by many Italian and international singers.

Pavarotti sang this song and many other songs by Bixio on record and in concert. Pavarotti recorded the song for his 1984 studio album entitled Mamma. This classic Pavarotti album was originally issued on Decca LP and is now available on Decca CD, download and streaming.

The first video below is the studio recording of “Mamma” taken from the 1984 album (audio only). The second video is a live performance from Madison Square Garden in New York in 1987. The last video is a duet with Ricky Martin from the Pavarotti & Friends concert in Modena in 1999.


Are you thinking of your mother? Or the mother of your children? Or maybe your motherly self? My plan exactly! Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂



This post was originally published 10-02-2013 (Mother’s Day in Norway). Last revision 10-202-2013.