Pavarotti and Montserrat Caballé in La Gioconda

One of the great collaborations on record between Pavarotti and the great Montserrat Caballé was the 1980 recording of the Ponchielli opera La Gioconda.

This great recording was originally released on Decca LPs. The first CD release was in 1985, it was re-released on CD in 2005, and re-released on CD this month for a second time, all on Decca. This Gioconda recording is also available on Decca download and streaming.

Just to celebrate this I give you two video clips from this recording (audio only). First Caballé sings the beautiful aria “Enzo adorato! Ah! come t’amo!” from act 1, followed by Pavarotti who sings the wonderful aria “Cielo e mar” from act 2.




This post was originally published 14-03-2013. Last revision 14-03-2013.