Lionel Richie from Motown visits Pavarotti in Operatown

Out of the many Pavarotti & friends concerts came many surprising Pavarotti duets. These concerts, which were held in Pavarotti’s home town Modena in Italy, were (and still are) very popular, especially among the young Pavarotti fans.

These concerts gave us Pavarotti singing duets with many international and Italian popular singers. As a lover of soul music I really love Pavarotti’s duets with two soul music giants, the great soul singers Barry White and James Brown.

The legendary US record company Motown has since the early 1960’s been the label for some of the greatest soul music ever. Motown has given us so many wonderful songs and artists that will live forever! 🙂


One of the great male Motown singers is Lionel Richie. Pavarotti sang together with Richie on two Pavarotti & friends concerts: In 1999 for Guatemala and Kosovo, and in 2003 for Sos Iraq. The 1999 concert is available on Decca CD, download and streaming, as well as on DVD. The 2003 concert is yet to be released. All Pavarotti & friends concerts were broadcast on TV.

On both concerts Pavarotti and Richie sang the duet “The magic of love”. In addition, Richie sang solo “All night long” (in 1999) and “Easy” (in 2003). At the end of the 1999 concert all artists sang together “We are the world” written by Mr. Richie and the great Michael Jackson.


The 1999 Pavarotti-Richie duet of “The magic of love” is also available on the compilation album “The Duets”, which is available on Decca CD, download and streaming, as well as on DVD.

Enjoy the videos! More on Pavarotti and Motown (!!!) in later post! Yes! I’ve got more in store for you! 🙂






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