The great Pavarotti in three emotional performances of “Vesti la giubba”

Yesterday I saw a clip on TV of Pavarotti singing the aria Vesti la giubba from the Leoncavallo opera Pagliacci. Pavarotti’s performance really surprised me because it was quite emotional. The clip was from a concert performance but he really acted the part. And boy Big Luciano could act! Don’t tell me otherwise!

After a quick search on YouTube I found many concert performances with Pavarotti singing this aria. I think the clip I saw was the first of today’s videos, from Sydney in 1983. The second video is from Munich in 1986 and the third is from Milano in 1990.

It’s strange, but this aria has never been one of my favorites. Now that has changed. It’s all about timing. And the wonders of the human voice. Like the great Pavarotti in three emotional performances of “Vesti la giubba“.





This post was originally published 27-04-2013. Last revision 27-04-2013.