Countertenor Bejun Mehta in Handel’s Agrippina in Berlin

I’m so hooked on Handel! You know. The composer. My Handel madness fits right in there together with my baroque music madness and my countertenor madness!

Let it be that Pavarotti wasn’t much of a Handel singer. Pavarotti didn’t sing much Baroque music at all. No complete opera I’m afraid. And very few arias. That means that I have to go elsewhere for my Handel madness and my baroque music madness. And for my countertenor madness!


And that’s why I’ll shortly be off to Berlin and Staatsoper im Schiller Theater to see the Handel opera Agrippina. I’ve been so looking forward to see this Agrippina for a long time for many reasons.


This is a Handel opera I haven’t seen before. In this production the great René Jacobs conducts Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin in what looks like a great modern production.


More importantly, the great US countertenor Bejun Mehta sings the role of Ottone. I’ve scheduled this first Berlin trip around (t)his performance! And just recently I’ve discovered that the French countertenor Dominique Visse sings the role of Narciso! Countertenor bonus! Yay! Two countertenors in one opera! Double yay!


A recording of Agrippina with the same conductor, orchestra and almost the same singers is out on Harmonia Mundi CDs (3 disks). This recording includes both countertenors Bejun Mehta and Dominique Visse!

A special edition of this recording comes with a bonus DVD.


So enjoy countertenor Bejun Mehta in Handel’s Agrippina in Berlin on record or on stage! I know I will do both!

This post was originally published 07-05-2013. Last revision 07-05-2013.