Some great Handel arias you probably don’t hear very often and Pavarotti never sang

Are you hooked on Handel? You know. The composer? Can’t get enough of his opera arias? Can’t handle a life without Handel? That’s called Handel madness my friend!

Handel madness comes in all shapes and colors. It’s also commonly associated with having baroque music madness and  countertenor madness as well.


Pavarotti didn’t sing much Baroque music at all, and Pavarotti sang only one Handel aria in his life. This was the beautiful “Care selve” from the opera Atalanta. I’m not sure he sang it live, but he did record it for his Decca studio album “Pavarotti in concert” (recorded in 1973, issued on LP in 1975, now available on Decca CD, download and streaming). Richard Bonynge conducts the Orchestra del Teatro Comunale di Bologna.

One might ask: What if Pavarotti sang more Handel arias? What if! And there are so many wonderful Handel arias to choose from! If really if didn’t exist.

Just to amuse you and your brain, here are some great Handel arias you probably don’t hear very often. And Pavarotti never sang these either:

  1. You? Queen? Diva, maybe! Queen? Absolutely not!
  2. I don’t care what you’re tweeting, because all I need is closure or closeness
  3. Don’t get this wrong, but I’ve got a date with Messiah on Monday
  4. We’ll meet in a church, but I’ve booked a room for the night
  5. One countertenor! Or two! And two beers! Or three! And quickly! Or when ever!
  6. My Facebook crush has found another and it’s far, far from Heaven
  7. Let us rejoice and baroque again!
  8. Controtenore! Controtenori! Tutti!
  9. My life is like an opera! Yeah, right! Or not!
  10. Un angelo di passato ha passato dentro di me e dentro mia vita … Sotto solo cielo
  11. You’re a man of few words, but I like the way you talk
  12. Pressing the escape button now, but you are still in my life


This post was originally published 07-05-2013. Last revision 07-05-2013.