Pavarotti in Berlin (9): Pavarotti in the wonderful city of music

Berlin is the city of music. Three opera houses and several concert halls and venues makes Berlin a wonderful city to visit for music lovers of any kind. And Berlin got it all. Opera, classical, pop, alternative. You name it. Berlin got it.

Outdoor venues, like Waldbühne, makes visiting Berlin in the summer time particularly rewarding. Berlin is in fact a stage in it self. Just watch the two wonderful promo videos below.

The last video is one more clip from a recital Pavarotti held at Deutsche Oper Berlin on 15th May 1983 with John Wustman at the piano. More clips here.

Enjoy life! Enjoy Berlin! There is so much more to explore.




This post was originally published 11-07-2013. Last revision 11-07-2013.



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