Pavarotti in operatic duets (1): “Vieni fra queste braccia”

This is the start of a new blog post series! It’s time to focus on Pavarotti in operatic duets!

First out is the tenor/soprano duet from the Bellini opera I Puritani“Vieni fra queste braccia” (or more correctly “Vieni, vieni fra questa braccia”).

Here are four live versions of this great duet (audio only) where Pavarotti sings Arturo and the various sopranos sing Elvira.


First version is with Gabriella Tucci, taken from a live performance at Teatro Bellini in Catania, Italy in 1968.

Second version is with Mirella Freni, live from La Scala in Milano in 1971.

Third version is with Beverly Sills, live from the Philadelphia Lyric Opera in Philadelphia in 1972. This video also contains two “bonus tracks” from that same performance: “Son vergin vezzosa” and “Ah! sento, o mio bel angelo”. The duet “Vieni fra queste braccia” is in between those two bonus tracks.

The fourth and last version is with Joan Sutherland, live from the Metropolitan Opera in New York in 1976.

All four tracks above are part of complete live performances of I Puritani. These performances and several others are available on CD if you search hard enough.

Pavarotti made only one studio recording of I Puritani. In 1973 he recorded the opera with Richard Bonynge conducting the London Symphony Orchestra and with Joan Sutherland as Elvira. This recording was first issued on LP in 1975 and is still available on Decca on CD, download and streaming.


Enjoy Pavarotti and the sopranos in “Vieni fra queste braccia”, and look out for more Pavarotti in operatic duets!

This post was originally published 25-09-2013. Last revision 25-09-2013.