GRANDIOSO! Great VERDI Recordings from Caruso to Pavarotti

Viva Verdi! The celebration of the 200th anniversary of Verdi continues. And in fact, today is the day: Today is the 200th birthday of the great Giuseppe Verdi!

So there’s no time than today to present the latest Verdi CD compilation entitled GRANDIOSO! Great VERDI Recordings from Caruso to Pavarotti.


The name of the compilation says it all. It’s a compilation of great historic vocal recordings, mostly from Verdi’s operas, but the Requiem and Quattro pezzi sacri are also represented.

This compilation, which is available on Deutsche Grammophon on CD (7 CDs), download and streaming, must be the best way to explore historic Verdi recordings in this Verdi year. Viva Verdi!

Pavarotti is represented with a Decca studio recording of “Parmi veder le lagrime” from Rigoletto. Today’s video is the same aria, but taken from a performance in Tokyo, Japan in 1971. Enjoy! And Viva Verdi!


This post was originally published 10-10-2013. Last revision 10-10-2013.