Luciano Pavarotti Edition 1: The First Decade

Wonderful news today! Decca Classics is to issue a new Pavarotti CD-box! And that’s not all: This CD-box is the first of many, probably four CD-boxes in total! Luciano Pavarotti Edition 1: The First Decade is a CD-box with 27 CDs (!!!) which will have its international release on February 3,  2014.

All this is according to the Decca Classics website. There’s no more information available at the moment, except for a sticker on the CD-box cover which indicates that the CD-box is to mark Pavarotti’s 50 years with Decca Classics (1964 – 2014)!


What each volume of the Luciano Pavarotti Edition will contain depends on many factors:

  1. What kind of material that’s included in each volume: Will only complete operas be included or will for instance also solo albums and/or collaborative projects like The Three Tenors and Pavarotti & Friends be included?
  2. What material is included from other record companies other than Decca Classics: Will material from for instance Deutsche Grammophon  (Metropolitan Opera recordings), Teldec/Warner (The 1994 Three Tenors concert) or other record companies be included?
  3. What unreleased recordings that are to be included: There are rumors that there are much unreleased Pavarotti material in the Decca vaults and elsewhere. Let’s hope that this project will include at least some unreleased recordings as well!
  4. What unofficial recordings that are to be included: There are lots of unofficial Pavarotti recordings available, for the most part live recordings from opera performances and concerts, many which were broadcasted on radio or TV. As this is a Decca Classics project it might not be that such recordings are included, but let’s hope that works that Pavarotti didn’t record officially, such as the Massenet opera Manon, at least is included.
  5. If video recordings are included: It might be that this project also contains one or more separate DVD-boxes, or that DVDs are included in future volumes. If this project would be to include DVDs as well that would be fantastic! Or maybe that’s another Decca Classics project for the future?
  6. How recordings are laid out over the CDs in each volume: Packing material together on fever CDs than before makes room for more works in each volume.

Let me be frank with you, my followers: I’m hoping for a complete edition of all Pavarotti’s official audio and video recordings, including all unreleased material! Is that too much to ask for? 🙂

Volume 1 covers “The first decade”, which could mean all recordings that Pavarotti made in the 1960s. However, since volume 1 contains 27 CDs this probably implies all Pavarotti recordings made from the mid 1960s to the mid 1970s. This also makes room to include unreleased material from that same period.

With that in mind, it will be likely that the volumes of the Luciano Pavarotti Edition to be organized something like this:

  • Volume 1 (“The first decade”): Mid 1960s to mid 1970s
  • Volume 2 (“The second decade”): Mid 1970s to mid 1980s
  • Volume 3 (“The third decade”): Mid 1980s to mid 1990s
  • Volume 4 (“The last decade”): Mid 1990s to mid 2000s

There might be other ways to organize the Luciano Pavarotti Edition. This is just my suggestion. In the end it all depends on what Decca Classics decide to include in each volume.

Anyway: I’m so looking forward to this one! Can’t wait for the Decca website to update the content on volume 1 and future volumes! And don’t worry! Odd Pavarotti Blog will keep you posted as soon news is available!

This post was originally published 29-10-2013. Last revision 29-10-2013.


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