Pavarotti and the classic Decca Sound: The Analogue Years

I love CD-boxes! The bigger, the better! Well, the more CDs, the better! 🙂

The latest Pavarotti-related CD-box is Decca Sound: The Analogue Years, which covers great analogue recordings from Decca from 1954 to 1980.

Decca was, in the late 1940s and onwards, pioneers in developing new and improved recording techniques, including stereo recordings. Decca launched “Full Frequency Stereophonic Sound” which was a major revolution in recorded sound quality and the beginnings of “high fidelity sound”.

Decca Sound: The Analogue Years presents 50 albums across 54 CDs of the best pre-digital classical recordings that Decca made. The albums are presented in their original jackets. Many celebrated international recordings and artists are represented in this box.

Pavarotti is represented with the complete 1967 recording of the Verdi Requiem comprised into one CD. Sir George Solti conducts Vienna Philharmonic (Wiener Philharmoniker). Pavarotti is joined by the soloists Joan Sutherland (soprano), Marilyn Horne (mezzo-soprano) and Martti Talvela (bass).

Lucky for me, the Verdi Requiem is my favorite requiem, and this recording is my favorite recording of the Verdi Requiem! Which is yours?


Decca Sound: The Analogue Years is available on Decca 54 CDs, on download and on streaming. A 6 LP box, Decca Sound: 6 Classical Analogue LPs, is also available, but contains no tracks with Pavarotti.

This post was originally published 22-11-2013. Last revision 25-11-2013.