Countertenor David Hansen in Norwegian television interview

As some of you might know, the wonderful Australian countertenor David Hansen lives in Norway.

David made an interview on Norwegian television in September this year. The interview took place on the talk show “Lindmo” on the public broadcaster NRK, on its channel 1, on 14 September 2013.

The talk show host was Anne Lindmo, and the other guest together with David was the Norwegian rock singer Anne Grete Preus.


The interview with David started in Norwegian, then shifted back and forth between English and Norwegian, which made the interview “a wonderful lingual confused conversation”, as the host concluded.

Below is the YouTube video of this interview with David. Miguel Pérez Valiente has added the English subtitles. Translation of the Norwegian dialogue into English is made by yours truly, aka. Odd Pavarotti Blog. Miguel put this all together and published the video. Muchas gracias, Miguel!

And guess what! The interview also contains David singing the aria “Son qual nave ch’agitata” from Artaserse by Riccardo Broschi. You can listen to this aria and many more wonderful arias on David’s debut solo album Rivals.

Read about and listen more to David here and here!

Enjoy this wonderful countertenor in this charming interview! And when you hear him perform you will definitely want to come back for more!

All of you will remember his name now: David Hansen.

And David continues to conquer the world.

Bravissimo, David!

You could follow David on his web site, Facebook or Twitter.

This post was originally published 29-11-2013. Last revision 29-11-2013.