Christmas with The Three Tenors: Polish Christmas song

It’s time again to celebrate Christmas with The Three Tenors! And it’s time again to go back to the great musical city of Wien (Vienna).

Why? It’s because The Three Tenors performed their only Christmas concert together ever right there in the Austrian capital on December 23, 1999.

We have visited this grand event in an earlier post, but this concert has so many great Christmas tunes it’s only fair that we visit this concert one more time.

Today I want to share with you my favorite song from that concert. It’s in fact a traditional Polish song, “Lulajze Jezuniu”. The Three Tenors sang this song together, but they didn’t perform the song in Polish, but in Italian with the title “Dormi, o bambino” (“Sleep, child”).

I believe that this song is a Christmas song about the sleeping baby Jesus Christ, or about any sleeping child, making it a kind of lullaby as well!

Anyhow, it’s to beautiful to leave out this Christmas, so here it is!

The Three Tenors Christmas concert was broadcasted on tv and is available on CD, download and streaming, as well as VHS and DVD, all on Sony Classics.

Below is the German CD cover of the album. In fact, also French and Italian CD and DVD covers exists!


So good night, children and adults, and merry Christmas to all around the globe, in particular to all Polish Pavarotti fans in Poland and all over the world! 🙂

This post was originally published 03-12-2013. Last revision 03-12-2013.



  1. Pavarotti still rules my heart with his magical voice. I play his concerts over and over, especially those which he so generously showcased the tenors at Christmas and other pop venues. He can never be forgotten for making opera available to all. He shocked and amazed pop musicians with whom he dared to embrace musically on stage by sharing his gifted timbre and range of voice along side theirs. No other singer can, so quickly, bring joy or tears to my eyes. Wherever you are, Pavarotti, the angels are swooning.

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