Meeting of giants: Pavarotti in confidence with Peter Ustinov

The great UK actor, writer and humourist Peter Ustinov made a wonderful television interview with Pavarotti at his summer seaside resort in Pesaro, Italy. The interview was probably made in the summer of 1993 or 1994 as it was first broadcast on BBC 1 television in 1994.


The title of the interview was “Pavarotti in confidence with Peter Ustinov”, which also was the title of the VHS release of the interview (on Wienerworld in UK and on Kultur in US). No DVD release yet as far as I’m aware of.

This is truly a meeting of giants. Peter Ustinov interviews, or to be more precise, has friendly conversations with the great Pavarotti. In the pool, outside the pool, when making food together or when eating together. These guys really enjoy each others company, and they sure know how to have fun together! It’s so fun to watch!


In between the conversations there are several excerpts from many great Pavarotti performances.

Enjoy the complete program in the video below! Let’s hope it will appear on DVD soon!

This post was originally published 03-01-2014. Last revision 03-01-2014.



  1. We miss Luciano Pavarotti, the great Opera singer. Howeverwe still have taped interviews and his CD’s along with many of his friends and family pics.

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