Tenor vs. countertenor: Per la gloria d’adorarvi

Yes, I’m a tenor man, but my mad love affair with the countertenor voice continues. It’s time once again to compare the tenor voice with the countertenor voice!

Here is the same aria sung twice. First by a tenor, then by a countertenor. The aria is Per la gloria d’adorarvi from Bononcini’s Griselda.

It goes without saying that the tenor is Luciano Pavarotti. The countertenor is the wonderful German Jochen Kowalski. Only the best in the business (as always)!

The Pavarotti recording can be found on his studio album Pavarotti in concert. The Kowalski recording can be found on his album Arien aus der Berliner Operngeschichte (Arias from Berlin’s operatic history), a highly recommended introduction to Jochen Kowalski’s countertenor voice.

Which version do you like best? Tenor or countertenor? Is it possible to like them both? I think so!




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This post was originally published 07-02-2014. Last revision 07-02-2014.