Ti adoro – Luciano Pavarotti’s very last album release

In 2003 the album “Ti adoro” was released. This was Pavarotti’s first studio album in many years. It also turned out to be his very last album release before he died.

The “Ti adoro” album is a collection of popular songs. Almost all the songs were brand new songs, written especially for Luciano and this album. The notable exception was Pavarotti’s new version of his earlier hit song Caruso, written by the Italian singer-songwriter Lucio Dalla, which he recorded again for this album.


The album title “Ti adoro” means “I adore you” in Italian. What a proper title! Pavarotti fans love this album, but it never became a huge hit in the album charts.

The “Ti adoro” album was released on Decca in September 2003 and was reissued in September 2007, also as part of The studio collection. The album is of course still available on Decca CD, as well as download and streaming.


The first two videos below are the two official music videos from this album. The songs are “Ti adoro” and “Il Canto”. In the last video Pavarotti talks about the album in what is the official video about the album.

What more is there to say, than: Ti adoro, Luciano! 🙂



This post was originally published 26-02-2014. Last revision 26-02-2014.