Odd Pavarotti Blog is 5 years!

Odd Pavarotti Blog celebrates its 5 years of existence today! I can’t believe that it has gone 5 years already, but’s true: On May 1st 2009 I started this blog about the great Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti (1935-2007).

I wrote this in my very first blog post:

Hopefully this blog will be interesting for all Pavarotti’s fans, also the ardent ones. It will sometimes be somewhat funny or odd as the perspectives taken on Pavarotti’s art, life and legacy will take many odd turns and twists.

I hope I’ve been able to do at least a bit of what I initially intended thru these 5 yeas of blogging. I also hope you have liked, or at least accepted when I’ve gone somewhat off topic, writing about my countertenor madness, and more.

File photo of Pavarotti waving to spectators during his concert at Red Square in Moscow

So thank you very much for visiting my blog and for interacting with me! I especially want to thank my almost 400 followers who are following this blog via Word Press, FacebookTwitter and Google+. Many thanks as well to those who follow my play lists on Spotify and YouTube.

And there’s more: Two years ago today I started my odd journey on Twitter! So happy Twitterversary to me! 🙂

I hope that you all will continue to visit Odd Pavarotti Blog in the future! And if you’re not already a follower, why not start following Odd Pavarotti Blog? 🙂

Look out for more blog posts about Pavarotti (and some other things as well …). Look especially out for more anniversary blog posts thru this jubilee year! 🙂

As I’m writing this I’m listening to Pavarotti singing Inno delle Nazioni (Hymn of the Nations) by Giuseppe Verdi. I feel that this is the most appropriate greeting to all my readers, who in fact comes from all over the globe.

Grazie! Mille grazie!

This post was originally published 01-05-2014. Last revision 01-05-2014.